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Current Total: $250




Each camera provides a different perspective of your event. We offer up to 7 cameras recording simultaneously. For events with only 1 camera, the camera will be mounted and remain stationary. For a moving camera, we require 2 cameras - one for a stationary wide "safe" shot, and another to zoom in and capture closer detail. Camera equipment fee includes the camera, tripod, lenses, and power. 


Camera Subtotal: $200

Video Add-Ons

Add on additional features for video.

Connection to customer-supplied laptop (for presentations, etc.)


Computer/Character Graphics/Video Playback

Includes PowerPoint, Keynote, pre-recorded videos, etc.



While we cannot provide lighting for an entire concert, stage, etc, we can provide sufficient lighting for a main subject at a podium, etc. Exact details will vary based on venue.


Video Add-Ons Subtotal: $0


Adding on audio to a basic recording production where only ambient audio is sufficient is not necessary. However, if you require clean audio to be captured from a speaker, instrumental group, etc, we can provide basic audio services.

Connection to venue or customer-supplied audio feed


2 microphone setup for instrumental groups + mixer

Ideal for small groups and even large orchestras. Using studio-quality Rode M5 cardioid condenser microphones.


Speaker microphone + mixer

For events with speakers at a lecturn, a microphone can be supplied to capture clean audio.


Audio Subtotal: $0

Live Switching


For events that are being broadcast, we offer live switching. A switcher is a device that accepts multiple camera feeds and can seamlessly switch between them to create an engaging viewer experience. This is a standard practice in all live TV broadcasts. We offer live switching for all of our maximum of 7 camera feeds. Switching is REQUIRED for live-streamed events with 2 or more cameras.

Live Switching Subtotal: $0

Delivery & Streaming

How would you like the final product delivered?

Digital Delivery (internet download / YouTube hosting)

We'll provide you with a download link for the final video file. Note, depending on the length of the event, this file may be very large (in excess of 20 GB). We will also post the content on YouTube for easy viewing on the go.


Live Internet Streaming

Your event will be viewable live on the internet while it's happening. We stream to YouTube and can provide a unique link to share with your viewers prior to the event date. Note that live internet streaming is dependant on internet connectivity. Due to the nature of internet access at various venues, we ask you to realize that an internet live stream may cut out or go down without warning. We will make every effort to prevent this, but it is not completely avoidable. Should this happen, we will still have a high-quality recording that can be posted later for viewers to enjoy. We also support pay-per-view live streaming meaning you can charge your guests a fee to view the stream (as a complement to ticketed events). We request that your venue be able to provide a HARD-WIRED ethernet connection for us to use. Our bandwidth required is 10mbps upload speed at the very minimum with recommended at 20mbps consistantly.


Hard Disk Delivery

We'll provide you a hard-copy of the finished product on a portable hard drive that you can plug in to your computer to copy. You will be able to keep the hard drive.


DVD Delivery

We can burn DVDs that are playable in a DVD player. You can choose to purchase one or a few for yourself, or offer them to your audience.


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Delivery & Streaming Subtotal: $0


Setup / Tear-Down Time (flat rate)

For multi-day events where a recording setup can be left up, we will only charge this once. If there is substantial changes in setup between days, we reserve the right to bill you for setup/teardown for each day.



Post-Production refers to any work that is done after the video has been shot. This includes trimming of live broadcasts, editing a final project from multiple camera recordings, etc. Billed per hour of final product. Post Production is not necessary when live switching is used!



For events in Springfield, MA, we do not charge travel expenses. For any event outside of Springfield, Mass, we charge $0.67/mile each direction (this number is from IRS travel expense recommendations).


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Other Subtotal: $50



Note that this is only an estimate. Additional expenses may be incurred depending on the event. Some events may require additional crew. After discussion with the client, we will provide an itemized quote.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of acceptance of the quote, with the remaining 50% due on the first day of services provided. No recorded products will be delivered until all invoices are paid in full.


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